LiarsKey_169An FBI legend, a mysterious antiquities specialist and a brazen art thief draw top FBI agents Emma Sharpe and Colin Donovan into a complex web of blackmail, greed and murder in the eagerly awaited new novel in the highly acclaimed Sharpe & Donovan series 

Emma Sharpe is suspicious when retired Special Agent Gordon Wheelock, a legend in FBI art crimes, drops by her Boston office for a visit. Gordy says he’s heard rumors about stolen ancient mosaics. Emma, an art crimes specialist herself, won’t discuss the rumors. Especially since they involve Oliver York, an unrepentant English art thief. Gordy and Emma’s grandfather, a renowned private art detective, chased Oliver for a decade. Gordy knows Wendell Sharpe didn’t give him everything he had on the thief. Even now, Oliver will never be prosecuted.

When a shocking death occurs, Emma is drawn into the investigation. The evidence points to a deadly conspiracy between Wendell and Oliver, and Emma’s fiancé, deep cover agent Colin Donovan, knows he can’t stay out of this one. He also knows there will be questions about Emma’s role and where her loyalties lie.

From Boston to Maine to Ireland, Emma and Colin track a dangerous killer as the lives of their family and friends are at stake. With the help of their friend, Irish priest Finian Bracken, and Emma’s brother, Lucas, the Sharpes and Donovans must band together to stop a killer.

No one creates exciting, action-packed romantic suspense and international intrigue like New York Times bestselling author Carla Neggers.  



Liar’s Key by Carla Neggers is the newest installment in her Sharpe and Donovan series.  This fast paced, interesting novel reunites Emma Sharpe with retired special agent Gordon Wheelock.

Gordy is a legend in FBI circles, ethical and hardworking.  He receives a call from Claudia Deverell informing him that well known antiquities specialist, Alessandro Pearson has died.  She also mentions a rumor about stolen Byzantine mosaics.  Although retired, Gordy can’t let this information go.

He visits Emma Sharpe, FBI agent and granddaughter of well-known art detective to see if she is willing to share any information.  Of course, she isn’t, but they both know that something big is going on in the art world.  Murder brings Colin, undercover FBI agent and Emma’s fiancé into the story.

The characters are complex and well developed but a lot of the developing has occurred in previous novels.  I loved delving into the relationship between Emma and Colin and would love to read more about them.  Oliver York is another interesting character that I would like to learn more about.  More characters are also reintroduced throughout the story as the mystery takes the reader from Ireland to Boston and Maine.

Although I don’t think it is necessary to read the previous novels in this series, it would have helped a little bit.  At times I felt like I entered the novel in the middle (which one could say that I did) but the writing was descriptive enough and there were enough references to the past to keep my afloat.  I enjoyed reading this book and would definitely recommend it.

4/5 stars

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