the cabin 2

There may only be one killer, but no one is innocent in this new young adult thriller from Natasha Preston, author of The Cellar, a New York Times Bestseller, and Awake

They think they’re invincible.
They think they can do and say whatever they want.
They think there are no consequences.
They’ve left me no choice.
It’s time for them to pay for their sins.

A weekend partying at a remote cabin is just what Mackenzie needs. She can’t wait to let loose with her friends. But a crazy night of fun leaves two of them dead-murdered.

With no signs of a forced entry or struggle, suspicion turns to the five survivors. Someone isn’t telling the truth. And Mackenzie’s first mistake? Assuming the killing is over…



Mackenzie and her friends are recent high school graduates.  The friends are tight; they have grown up together and recently lost two from their group in a tragic car accident.  They plan to spend a lot of time together in the summer, starting with spending the weekend at Josh’s cabin.  The teens are not big fans of Josh, but they appease him because he is Courtney’s boyfriend.

They arrive at Josh’s house and find out his brother Blake is going.  They don’t really know Blake, he moved in with his father when the parents divorced.  They are a little bit hesitant about having a newcomer join them, but then give in.  After all, the cabin does belong to Josh and Blake.

What starts out as a fun trip to the cabin turns in to a nightmare.  Two of the friends are murdered in the house while they sleep.  Those who survive are now being investigated for the murders.  Mackenzie knows she didn’t kill her friends and has a hard time believing that any of her friends could do it.  The problem is, the murders do not stop there and now the surviving teenagers fear for their lives.

The Cabin by Natasha Preston started out strong, the premise being interesting.  The problem I had with it is that it became redundant and went on too long.  The characters were beginning to develop in my mind but then became bland and whiny.  When I finally got to the end (the real end) I was extremely disappointed.

2 / 5 stars

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