The Cottage at Firefly Lake

firefly-lakeSome mistakes can never be fixed and some secrets never forgiven . . .but some loves can never be forgotten.

Charlotte Gibbs wants nothing more than to put the past behind her, once and for all. But now that she’s back at Firefly Lake to sell her mother’s cottage, the overwhelming flood of memories reminds her of what she’s been missing. Sun-drenched days. Late-night kisses that still shake her to the core. The gentle breeze off the lake, the scent of pine in the air, and the promise of Sean’s touch on her skin . . . True, she got her dream job traveling the world. But at what cost?

Sean Carmichael still doesn’t know why Charlie disappeared that summer, but after eighteen years, a divorce, and a teenage son he loves more than anything in the world, he’s still not over her. All this time and her body still fits against his like a glove. She walked away once when he needed her the most. How can he convince her to stay now?



The Cottage at Firefly Lake is the first book in Jen Gilroy’s new Firefly Lake series.  Charlotte Gibbs and Sean Carmichael were summer sweethearts.  Charlie returned to Firefly Lake every summer until she turned 18, and their relationship resumed as if they were never separated.  When they turned 18, things changed.  Charlie said goodbye for good.  So why is she back 18 years later?  What good can come from Sean and Charlie picking up where they left off when they were teenagers?

I love romance novels because they are quick reads and have interesting storylines.  They are also fun to read in between novels that are more intense and serious.  The Cottage at Firefly Lake is this kind of book.  It’s a light romance that has likeable characters and a great plot.

Charlotte Gibbs is an international journalist for a major news organization.  She was injured while on the job in a war torn country, and her memories still haunt her both mentally and physically.  Charlotte has returned to Firefly Lake with her sister Mia to sale their mother’s home.

Sean Carmichael never left Firefly Lake.  He is the divorced father of a teenage son and the owner and operator of his father’s business (along with his brother).  Although once married, Sean never truly got over Charlie.

This is a sweet love story that I enjoyed reading.  It’s a quick read, and I look forward to others in this series.

3.5/5 stars

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