Bound Together

Bound together.jpgFor five years, Viktor Prakenskii has put his life on hold in order to take down the world’s most feared motorcycle club from the inside. But carrying out the insane violence and seeing the club’s exploitation of the innocent has brought his traumatic past roaring back. And there’s only one cure: to see the wife he left behind…

Blythe Daniels thought she’d never see Viktor again after he murdered her stepfather and left without a word. She rebuilt her life without him, becoming a personal trainer and physical therapist…becoming strong enough for others to lean on. But when Viktor comes back to Sea Haven, he’ll make Blythe question everything she thought she knew about good and evil—and the dark desires of the heart…



Bound Together is the last installment in the Sea Haven Series by Christine Feehan and the first and only book in this series that I have read.  I have to say that I really struggled to get into this novel to the point that I considered not finishing in.  After checking out the reviews (this book has tons of five stars) I opened it up again and gave it another whirl.  I am so glad I did because it is fabulous.  I loved everything about this book:  characters, setting, plotlines, back stories and of course the cover.

Victor Prakenskii is going home.  He has suffered from the age of ten when his father was murdered and he was forced to live in the toughest boarding school run by Kostya Sorbacov.  After surviving the school he continued to work for Sorbacov, because he wanted revenge, and he got it.  Now, he is returning to Sea Haven to reclaim his family and to reclaim his wife.

Blythe Daniels married Victor five years ago and when he left her, he took her heart.  She didn’t know why he left and kept expecting him to return.  Now, five years later he has and Blythe doesn’t want anything to do with him.  How can she forgive him?  Terrible things happened while he was gone, and she doesn’t want to bring back the pain.

This book rocks.  I forgot to mention the paranormal aspect to this book.  The characters have different worldly powers from being able to control fire, water and land to having the powers of an empath.  This book is filled with romance and steamy scenes, is fast paced and filled with action.  There are some parts that are dark and hard to read, but the love between Victor and Blythe as well as the other characters helped me through some of the bleakness.

I think anyone into paranormal romances will love this series.  I know I am adding the books prior to this one to my TBR list.

4.5/5 stars


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