Rise and Shine, Benedict Stone

rise and shine 2Moonstone for empathy. Azurite for memories. Lapis lazuli for truth… In the quiet village of Noon Sun, Benedict Stone has settled into a complacent and predictable routine. Business at his jewelry shop has dried up; his marriage is on the rocks. His life is in desperate need of a jump start…

And then a surprise arrives at his door.

Gemma is Benedict’s audacious teenage niece—the daughter of his estranged brother, Charlie. The two Stone brothers had a falling out and haven’t spoken in almost two decades, since Charlie left for America. Reckless and stubborn, Gemma invites herself into Benedict’s world and turns his orderly life upside down. But she might just be exactly what he needs to get his life back on track…

Filled with colorful characters and irresistible charm, Rise and Shine, Benedict Stone is a luminous reminder of the unbreakable bonds of family, and shows that having someone to embrace life with is always better than standing on your own.



Benedict Stone has fallen victim to a static existence.  His wife has moved into a friend’s house, his business is faltering, and the only thing keeping him sane is the call of sweet treats.  So, the last thing he needs is to take care of a niece that he didn’t even know exists.

Gemma arrives at his house in the middle of the night, clad in cowboy boots and a denim jacket that is too large for her.  Quick with the tongue, she is able to create stories to back up her visit and keep her father at bay.  Benedict has not talked to his brother in over 15 years, therefore, he is eager to accept Gemma’s stories.

Phaedra Patrick has written another beautiful story with characters that grasp at your soul.  The relationship building between Benedict and Gemma is gorgeous.  You quickly begin to see how Gemma begins to save Benedict in the story.  She encourages him to take risks with Estelle and reminds him of his creative side.   She also helps to rid him of his sweet tooth by plying him with healthier foods.

The saving of Gemma on the other hand is much more subtle.  Benedict slowly gives in to his suspicions that Gemma is not telling the truth about her father and is forced to contact him.  In doing this, Benedict is made to face his betrayal years ago.

Rise and Shine, Benedict Stone is a gorgeous book.  I fell in love with the characters immediately and found the information about gemstones so interesting.  This is a definite must read.

4/5 stars

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