Almost Missed You

Almost missed youViolet and Finn were “meant to be,” said everyone, always. They ended up together by the hands of fate aligning things just so. Three years into their marriage, they have a wonderful little boy, and as the three of them embark on their first vacation as a family, Violet can’t help thinking that she can’t believe her luck. Life is good.

So no one is more surprised than she when Finn leaves her at the beach―just packs up the hotel room and disappears. And takes their son with him. Violet is suddenly in her own worst nightmare, and faced with the knowledge that the man she’s shared her life with, she never really knew at all.

Caitlin and Finn have been best friends since way back when, but when Finn shows up on Caitlin’s doorstep with the son he’s wanted for kidnapping, demands that she hide them from the authorities, and threatens to reveal a secret that could destroy her own family if she doesn’t, Caitlin faces an impossible choice.

As the suspenseful events unfold through alternating viewpoints of Violet, Finn and Caitlin, Jessica Strawser’s Almost Missed You is a page turning story of a mother’s love, a husband’s betrayal, connections that maybe should have been missed, secrets that perhaps shouldn’t have been kept, and spaces between what’s meant to be and what might have been.



Almost Missed You by Jessica Strawser grabbed my attention from page one and would not let go!  When I first started this book I kept asking, “What is going on?”  “What could lead Finn to do this?”  I couldn’t put the book down.  I had to find out more about each character’s past; it was essential that I continued reading to figure out what guided the decision making in the book.  This book is tragic; there is so much love mixed with so much pain.  The lack of and or miscommunication between the characters leads to so many flawed decisions.

The storytelling is intense.  Suspense is built through the transitioning between past and present, and the style of writing is extremely engaging.  The characters are easy to connect to and you get to know each of them at such a deep level as you progress through the novel.  They are well developed, interesting and likable making this novel truly heart wrenching.

Finn and Violet meet accidently while on vacation and make an instant connection.  Unfortunately they are not able to exchange any personal information.  Finn goes out on a limb and places an ad in the “Missed Connections” page of Craigslist knowing that if Violet reads it she will immediately know it is meant for her.  He gets a response and looks forward to reconnecting with the woman who could be “the one”.

This is definitely a book I would recommend to anyone looking for an interesting domestic suspense novel.  It reads fast and will definitely keep you guessing.

4.5/5 stars

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